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Monday, 11 February 2013

The GIft of The Magi O. Henry:Summary

The Gift of the Magi
 O Henry

The story The Gift of the Magi by O Henry narrates the tale of a poor, young couple who regards their love for one another the ultimate concern in their lives and when the key moment arrives they do not falter to sacrifice their most precious assets to obtain a gift for Christmas for each other. The affectionate home they together create contrasts with the bleakness of their poverty and the jaded world outside.

Della and James Dillingham was a young couple who loved each other very much. Their love has no limits. Though the couple were poor, they were immensely proud of two of their possessions-Jim’s ancestral gold watch and Della’s beautiful long brown hair. Della had been painstakingly saving each and every penny for months to buy a Christmas present for James. Yet she was terribly depressed and dismayed she fails to acquire enough money to buy a fond gift for Jim.

When Della saw her cascading hair in the mirror, an idea occurred to her. She rushed to Madame Sofronie’s shop, sold her hair and with the twenty dollars that she got; she bought a platinum fob chain for Jim’s gold watch.