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ICSE 2019
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Monday, 3 January 2011

ICSE 2011 Revision English 1 0301

Question 1
a) Write a letter to one of your friends congratulating him on his outstanding achievement in the field of education.
b) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper drawing attention to the constant bandhs and protests that disrupt the social life in your city.
Question 2
a. Rewrite the following as directed:
1. As I frowned harder and harder, he smiled more and more broadly. [Begin: The harder….]
2. This place is the best place to observe the sunset. [Use: better]
3. How thrilling it was to see the celebration! [Begin: It...]
4. From the news channels came the report that blockade was over. [Begin: The news channels …]
5. I asked my mother whether she thought that I was foolish. [Change into Direct Speech]
6. The student said, “I shall finish the project today.” [Change into reported speech]
7. This is the last time you will ever sit in this cinema. [Begin: Never...]
8. A senseless man repeats his mistakes. [Rewrite using ‘sensible’.]
9. She is so weak that she cannot walk by herself [Rewrite using ‘so...that...]
10. They finished their work. They went home. [Begin: No sooner…]
b. Complete each of the following sentences with an apt form of the word given in brackets.
1. If I ________ you, I would not go near it. [be]
2. Sulekha _____ along the road when she slipped. [walked]
3. The report said that the rebels ______ the city in no time. [ take over]