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Sunday, 7 February 2010

ICSE English Letter: Personal Letter Format

House Name .No
Street Name /No

7 February, 2010.
Joy Villa
Park Street
Ariosto Nagar
7 February, 2010.]
Dear Father,
Dear Mother,
Dear Sister,
Dear Brother,
Dear Uncle John,
Dear Aunt Mary,
Dear Rajni, (for a friend)
roseContent of the letter in an informal/personal style   rose

Yours lovingly,
Your loving son,
Your loving brother,
Your loving nephew/niece,
Your loving friend,
(Write which is appropriate vis a vis to whom the letter is written to)
Short Name/Pet Name
( Do not sign a personal Letter.Do not write your full name, or initials or surname; only write either your short name or your pet name. e.g.: John not John Smith or John.S.)

Letter Format
There is no New Format or Old Format. There are only three formats: Intended Format, Block Format, and entirely on the Left Side Format.
All the 'Anonymous' , please, do not confuse or mislead the children with your ignorance or misinformation.