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An Approach to ICSE English provides a platform to contribute, discuss and comment on the various issues related to the study and practice of English for the students and teachers of ICSE syllabus. Even with its focussed nature, An Approach to ICSE English will be beneficial to everyone involved in the learning of the niceties of the English language.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Letter: Model Letter of Complaint

Spenta House
Splendid Nagar

20 February, 2010.
The Municipal Chairman
Municipality of Hyderabad


I am a resident of Splendid Nagar, Hyderabad and I wish to bring to your attention a grievous problem faced by the residents of my locality.
There are only five buses plying in the route 255 from Splendid Nagar to Glamour Street Cross Roads which is not adequate for this busy route. The inadequate number of buses in this route is causing dire difficulties to the residents of the Splendid Nagar as they solely depend on the buses in this route to arrive at Glamour Street Cross Roads, a centre of educational institutions and business center.
The students from our locality find it difficult to reach in time at their school or college. Moreover, the lack of sufficient buses in the evening makes them return home only after the nightfall. This not only a security risks for them because of the wanton antisocial elements but also a grave cause of anxiety to their parents.
A large number of people from Splendid Nagar work in the business firms in the Glamour Street Cross Roads. The insufficient bus facilities are a nightmare to them as they are often late to their job and are late back home. Recently one my friends had an interview at EduSolutions Pvt Ltd at Glamour Street Cross Roads and he could not arrive in time for the interview because of underprovided bus facility in the route.
I can present a number of similar incidents where the Splendid Nagar residents have undergone enormous misery due to this poor bus facility in the route 255 from Splendid Nagar to Glamour Street Cross Roads.
I humbly request you to look into this grave problem faced by us and take the necessary steps to mitigate our misery by introducing sufficient number of buses in the route 255 from Splendid Nagar to Glamour Street Cross Roads.

Yours faithfully,
Spenta Roy

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Letter Writing Practice -Personal Letter

Your aunt has been ill for a while and now she is recuperating. Write a letter to her enquiring about her health as well as explaining why you are not able to visit her.Offer her help if she needs any.  

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Revision Test:Composition and Grammar

Revision Test:Composition and Grammar
Time: One Hour Max Marks: 25
Question 1                                                                                                                                          [10]
Apply for the following post advertised.
Assistant Manager-Sales: Chennai
Position: Assistant Manager-Sales
Location: Chennai
Qualification: MBA in marketing
Remarks: Mail your Application to the address
Krypton Developers Pvt. Ltd
Hadrons Road
Chennai 600048
The Hindu Print Edition dt. 16 Jun, 2010
Question 2 Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each and making other changes that may be necessary, without changing the meaning of any sentence.                                         [10]
1. To the best of my knowledge, he is vegetarian. (Begin: As far as ….)
2. The train journey from Kolkata to Asansol takes three hours. (Begin: It is a ….)
3. The peon cannot leave unless I permit him. (Use: without)
4. 'Kindly leave the bag here, Madam', said the porter. (Change the narration)
5. The tea is so hot that I cannot drink it. ( Remove: so….that)

Thursday, 7 January 2010


A reputed Industrial Firm is looking for Manager Trainees.Candidates must be at least 23 years of age and possess a degree in English. Write a letter to the Managing Director of the firm giving your details, seeking more information about the training period and expressing interest in the offer.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Letter Writing

Select one of the following:- 
(a) You have been requested to judge a One Act Play Competition. However, you are unable to do sodue to unavoidable circumstances.Write a letter of regret to the Principal of the host school, declining the invitation.
(b) Recently your class was sent to participate in a Science exhibition organized by the State Education Department at the district headquarters. Write your uncle living in Singapore, explaining two salient features of the exhibition.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Grammar and Composition Questions

Question 1 The trend of organizing weddings at ‘Marriage halls’ is fast catching on. This convenient to all, except the occupants of the residential areas where these have sprung up. Write a letter to the District Commissioner of your town complaining about the noise pollution and other inconveniences caused by this new trend. Suggest a suitable remedy.
Question 2 Change the voice 1. I was happy at the glad news.
2. Trust in God and do the right.
3. God helps those who help themselves.