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Saturday, 15 September 2018

ICSE 2019 English Paper 1: Practice Paper 4:Suggested Answers

ICSE 2019  English Paper 1: Grammar and Composition: Practice Paper 4:Suggested Answers

Question 1
Formal Letter
The Editor
(Name of a Newspaper)
ê   Self-Introduction
ê   Problem faced. Lack of safety of children in the school buses and autorickshaws
ê   Nature of the problem-A brief description
ê   Examples to illustrate the issue.
ê   Request to publish the letter in the newspaper

Question 2                               

Subject: Meeting of the Office Bearers - the Literary Society- campaign ‘Each one teach one’

Sir, /Madam,

We have decided to hold a meeting of the office bearers of the Society to discuss the campaign called ‘Each one teach one’ organised by the school.
The meeting is to be held at on 20 September 2018 in the School Library Hall.
We will be discussing the ways in which the Literary Society can contribute to this noble cause and make the campaign well organised and successful.
Expecting your approval and full-hearted cooperation,

Yours faithfully,

Literary Society

Question 3
(a)    .                                                                                                                                                                           

1.      cruel
2.      killing
3.      inflicting
4.      are designed
5.      keeping
6.      asserts
7.      using
8.      referred

(b)   .
1.      The brothers live under the same roof.
2.      The child rushed into my room yesterday.
3.      He was afraid of telling the truth.
4.      Do you have the evidence against him?
5.      He kept the bicycle against the wall.
6.      She moved herself into the library
7.      The judge has acted in accordance with rules.
8.      The hospital is adjacent to my house.
(c)    .
1.      Roja can neither speak English fluently nor read English fluently.
Roja can neither speak nor read English fluently.
Neither can Roja speak English nor read English fluently
Neither can Roja speak nor read English fluently.
2.      No other tailor is as competent as he/him.
3.      Though/Although the film actress is very famous, she is humble
4.      After she had left the country, Heera married an Italian magnate
(d)   .
1.      You are not as well trained in singing as Rachel.
2.      He was too distraught to sleep that night.
3.      Shakeel says that he plays`softball.
4.      It is shameful to surrender to life’s difficulties.
5.      You are advised to say no to drugs.
(Let no to drugs be said is correct but sounds bizarre.)
6.      He said. “Let me have some food.”
7.      This is better than any other solution to the problem.
8.      As soon as the bell rang, out ran the children.