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Friday, 15 September 2017

Format of a NOTICE

Format of a NOTICE

A notice is an official mode of announcement. The function of a notice is to publicise or present information to a particular group of people. Notices are normally intended to be fixed on specific display boards whether in schools or in public places. Notices published by the government appear in newspapers and other public means of communication.


A notice should be composed in the following format:

éA Heading to introduce the subject of the notice.
                                  * The  Heading should be relevant to the event.
                                  * The Heading should not be Notice.
é Date:
é Time:
é Venue:
(Hall/Auditorium + Location)
For example:
The Jubilee Auditorium; Harmony School
é Name of event:
For example:
Child Labour in India (Inter-School Discussion)
é For Whom? The Target Audience, invitees and so on.
For example:
Representative students and teachers from the school in the city of Hyderabad are eligible to participate.

éDate of Issue: 
é Signature
é Full Name
é Designation
Note to Note
1.           Write only the most significant points.
2.           Provide the important details.
3.           Add additional information if the detail is pertinent.
4.           Be precise and grammatically correct.
5.           They should be in the passive voice as far as possible.
6.           The notice should be presented within a box.
7.           Standard abbreviations can be used.
8.           Check that the 5 Ws are included.
The 5Ws are  
w  What is going to happen, (that is, the event)
w  Where it will take place
w  When it will take place (that is, the date and time)
w  Who can apply or is eligible for it
w  Whom to contact or apply to (that is, the issuing authority)
   Given below is an example of a Notice: