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Thursday, 7 November 2013

English I Grammar and Composition Practice

English I Grammar and Composition Practice

Question 1
Write a letter to the Editor of national English daily informing him/her about the traffic congestion in your city, its effects, and give your suggestions to prevent it from getting worse.                                                                                                                                   
Question 2
Rewrite the following sentences correctly according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes necessary without changing the meaning of any sentence.                
1.     Order today and get a free gift.                                                    (Begin: If...)
2.     Who taught you embroidery?                                                      (Begin: By...)
3.     My sister’s attitude annoys me sometimes.                                (Begin: I...)
4.     The match was so important that we could not forget it.                        (Use: too)
5.     I did not speak word.                                                                    (Begin: Not...)
6.     Anurima is one of the best debaters in our class.                                    (Use: good)
7.     Rakesh asked, “In which year you finished your school?”         ( Change the narration)
8.     Do you not regret your action?                                                    (Begin: Surely...)
9.     Closely watching him, I hid in bush.                                           (Use: watched)
10.  The computer maintenance did not require much money.          (Use: expensive)
Question 3
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.                                                                            
1.     The cadets carried ......the officer’s order.
2.     You can cut the string......this scissors.
3.     You should write ...... pencil.
4.     My friends called ...... me yesterday.
5.     No one could prevail ......the child to write the exam.

Answers given below