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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Grammar Bytes: So and Such

Grammar Bytes: So and Such

SpaWe use so and such with that to express cause and effect, or reason and result.
·       The soup was so good that Jamila asked for a second bowl.
When so is used with that, so is often followed by an adjective.
  So + that *  adjective
But when we use such with that,  such  is often followed by an adjective and a noun.
·       It is such good soup that Jamila had a second bowl.
Such + that * Adjective + Noun
As ‘soup' is uncountable, we do not use a or an.
However, if we use a countable noun, like, say, a spa, we should use a or an.
The Glow is such a good spa that that my mother goes there twice a month.