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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Grammar Bytes: Another/Other/ Different

Another/Other/ Different

Another/Other/ Different
Many of us often find it difficult to differentiate the use of the words another/other/ different.
Ú another and different
Observe these sentences:
·       Stella don’t like this frock. She wants to get another frock.
·       Stella don’t like this frock. She wants to get a different frock. 
     (another = different)
Here we find that the words another and different have the same in meaning and they are almost interchangeable.
But, the word another also means one more
We cannot use different to mean one more.
·       The programme is not finished yet. There is another dance to come.
      (another = one more)
Ú another and other
Observe these sentences:
Mary is going to London with another aunt.

Mary is going to London with other aunts.
Here we find that the words another and other have the same meaning but different usage.
The word another is used with a singular noun while the word other is used with uncountable and plural nouns.