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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Active and Passive Voice Questions and Answers

1.     He was promised all help by us.
We promised him all help.
2.     May God bless you with success!
May you be blessed with success by God.
3.     The strike has been called off.
They have called of the strike.
(Note: You can use workers, labourers, protesters, etc in place of ‘they’)
4.     No one can understand him so soon.
He cannot be understood so soon.
5.     They will not agree to this proposal.
This proposal will not be agreed to.
6.     The rose smells sweet.
When rose smells sweet.
7.     It is time to close the shop[s.
the shops should be closed by now.
It is the time for the shops to be closed.
8.     The teacher is calling the roll.
The roll is being called by the teacher.
9.     What cannot be cured must be endured.
We must endure what we cannot cure.
One must endure what one cannot cure.
10. God helps those who help themselves.
          Those who help themselves are helped by God.
11. I will not answer any question now.
No questions will be answered now by me.
12. She has to do cooking and washing for me.
The cooking and washing have (has) to be done for me by her.
13. A rolling stone gathers no mass.
It is said that a rolling stone gathers no mass.
14. The way to heaven is paved with good deeds.
It is believed that the way to heaven is paved with good deeds.
15. Trust in God and do the right.
God should be trusted in and the right should be done.
16. Nip the evil in the bud.
It is said that evil should be nipped in the bud.
17. A stitch in time saves nine.
It is said that a stitch in time saves nine.
18. Those living in glass house must not throw stones at others.
Stones must not be thrown at others by those living in glass houses.
19. I was shocked at the sad news.
The sad news shocked me.
20. The court proclaimed him an offender.
He was proclaimed an offender by the court.


  1. Dear Anonymous
    Thanks for the comment; I would suggest that you try to express what you feel in a sentence or two so as to be well-versed in English language.

  2. very good and thanks for this.

  3. Hello,
    The examples given here are too simple. The board usually gives different and difficult ones.

  4. Please check the answers to some of the sentences...also go through my attempt

    The rose smells sweet - The smell of the rose is found to be sweet (by everyone.)

    A rolling stone gathers no moss- No moss is gathered by a rolling stone.
    The way to heaven is paved with good deeds.- Good deeds pave the way to heaven.

  5. Dear Pratikaditya,
    I think the answers you have given are not correct. Go through the rules of Changing the voice once again.

  6. Sir,
    Could you please give the correct answers then?
    Thank you so much for the help.

  7. Sorry Sir, checked the answers again and the rules. But I am unable to find the Subject and object in those sentences.

    Also - is 'smells' a transitive verb or intransitive here? And in Sentence 13 the answer seems to keep the sentence in the same pattern and only a phrase has been added before it. I am really confused. Please explain if you can.

  8. Sir please tell me the active voice of these sentences.....
    1:It is said.
    2:it is time to close the shop.

  9. 1:It is said.
    People believe that
    2:it is time to close the shop.
    The shop should be closed now.

  10. Thanks it helped !!
    But the answer of 13th sentence is wrong, it should be- No moss is gathered by a rolling stone.

  11. Usually a Proverb or a saying is not changed as it is considered to be a truth that people strongly believe,Hence, it is said

  12. Sir could you please upload the video explaining the rules how to change the voice.