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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ICSE 2011 English Grammar Test 2 02022100

Time: 35 minutes                                                                                                  Max Marks: 20
Question 1
Your school is organizing a tour to a place of historical interest. Write a letter to your father asking permission to join the tour.                                                                                                                [10]
Question 2
Rewrite the following as directed:                                                                                 [10]
(a)   The teacher could not understand the reason for his absence. [Use absent instead of absence.]
(b)  One should keep one’s promises. [Begin: Promises…]
(c)   In the heavy rain, I had no company other than from a wet cat. [Begin: Apart…]
(d)  The mother asked, “Are you the hero who saved my child?” [Change into reported speech]
(e)   Shah wrote a letter of apology to Sam, but not even that removed his anger.[Begin: Not even …]
b) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions.                                                     [5]
(a)   I have reconciled myself …my fate.
(b)  Lana is too miserly to part…. her money.
(c)   It is advantageous … study regularly.
(d)  There is always a demand …. good books.
(e)   Please contact me ….. 9.00. a.m. and 12.00.noon.