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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

ICSE 2011 Revision English 1 0301 Answers

Question 2
a. Rewrite the following as directed:
1. As I frowned harder and harder, he smiled more and more broadly. [Begin: The harder….]
The harder I frowned, the more broadly he smiled.
2. This place is the best place to observe the elephants. [Use: better]
This place is better than any other place to observe the elephants.
3. How exhilarating it was to see the rainbow! [Begin: It...]
It was (very) exhilarating to see the rainbow.
4. From radios came the report that the war was over. [Begin: radios…]
Radios reported that the war was over.
5. I asked her whether she thought that I was boring. [Change into Direct Speech]
I asked her, “Do you think that I am boring?”
6. The student said, “I shall work hard.” [Change into reported speech]
The student said that he would work hard.
7. This is the last time you will ever sit in this cinema. [Begin: Never...]
Never again will you sit in this cinema.
8. A senseless man repeats his mistakes. [Rewrite using ‘sensible’.]
A sensible man does not repeat his mistakes.
9. She is so weak that she cannot walk by herself [Rewrite using ‘too...]
She is too weak to walk by herself.
10. They finished their work. They went home. [Begin: No sooner…]
i. No sooner did they finish their work than they went home.
ii. No sooner had they finished their work than they went home.

b. Complete each of the following sentences with an apt form of the word given in brackets.
1. If I were you, I would not go near it. [be]
2. Sulekha was walking along the road when she slipped. [walked]
3. The report said that the rebels took over/ had taken over the city in no time. [ take over]
4. The weather remained like this the whole of yesterday. [remain]
5. My grandfather goes for a brisk walk every day. [go]
6. All the boys assembled/had assembled [assemble] in the school hall before the teacher came/had come. [come].
7. He felt [feel] weak because he had not eaten [not eat] a morsel for many hours.
8. The fire spread/had spread [spread] to the next house before the fire brigade arrived/had arrived. [arrive].
9. I had worked [work] in this office for a number of years before I was forced [force] to resign.
10. She laid [lay] the table after she cooked the dinner.


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