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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Answers to the English Grammar and Composition Aptitude Test

English Grammar and Composition
Aptitude Test Answers
Question 1
You are living in a big city but the water supply of your colony is very poor. As summers are going on all the residents face acute shortage of water. Write a letter to the Editor of a reputed newspaper drawing the authorities’ attention to the problem. [10]
Format: Official
Self Address
29 May, 2009.
The Editor
The Times of Hyderabad
Points to be Included:
  • Introduction:Name and essential details: such as resident of Nowhere Colony.
  • Reason for writing the letter:The acute water shortage to be brought to the attention of the authorities through the newspaper.
  • Presentation of the problem:Acute water shortage due to summer.
  • The difficulties faced by the residents of the colony. (examples)
  • Personal difficulties.(examples)
  • Suggestions if any to lessen the misery
  • Request to publish the letter.
Yours sincerely,
Yours truly,
Yours faithfully,
(Any one)
Name in Full
Question 2
Rewrite as directed: [10]
a. Very few subjects are as important as English. (Use: most)
English is one of the most important subjects.
b. Only if India wins the cup, we will have a holiday.( Change into a negative sentence)
Unless India wins the cup, we will not have a holiday.
If India does not win the cup, we will not have a holiday.
c. The matter was reported to the commissioner. (Change the voice)
The commissioner was reported of/about the matter.
d. She is very dull in studies. She is smart-looking. ( Combine the sentences)
Though dull in studies, she is smart-looking.
In spite of /Despite being dull in studies, she is smart looking.
e. The Judge said to the Prosecutor, “Do you agree with the arguments presented yesterday?” Change into indirect speech)
The Judge  asked the Prosecutor whether he agreed with the arguments presented (on) the previous day/the day before.
f. As soon as the results were declared, the web-server was very busy.
(Begin: No sooner…)
No sooner were the results announced than the web-server was busy.
g. He said to his friend,” I go for a walk every day.” (Change into reported speech)
He said to/told his friend that he goes for a walk every day.
h. I can go to the theater. (Provide a suitable question tag)
I can go to the theater, can’t I?
i. He is a diplomat and a poet. (Use: Not only…)
j. Not only is he a diplomat but also a poet.
Question 3 [5]
Rewrite using the correct preposition:
i. Even though they were tired, they carried on their journey.
ii. In spite of the heavy rain, the meeting was not put off.
iii. Contrary to their expectation, it snowed heavily.
iv. The mob burned down the building.
v. You can look up the word in the dictionary.