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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Grammar Revision Questions 040110: Answers

Grammar Revision Questions 040110: Answers
Question 1:Answers
1.We should act immediately provided it is an emergency.
2.All admit that he is the greatest leader.
3.If you are honest, everyone would respect you.
4.In spite of his gullibility/being gullible, he was not taken in by the fraud,
5.My father treated everyone charitably.

6.If Richard had known what to do, he would have saved much time.
7.This rumour cannot be credited/ believed. OR The rumour is not credible.
8.The public were gladdened by the new budget.
9.The soothsayer said that Cassius' words were prophetic on that day.
10The students wished that there might be no tests that day.
Question 2:Answers
1.There was a steep decline
in the standard of education for the last decade
2.The peasants believed that rain was the source
of God's will.
3.At the end of the day, there is no alternative
to hard work.
4.Achilles was a lot more valiant
than Agamemnon.
5.The foreigner wanted to know how to get
from the airport to the hotel.
6.He did not focus on the studied because
of a distracted mind...
7.A favourable atmosphere is provided in the school for the pupils.
8.I prefer fast food
to any other food.
9.The common man rejoiced
at the President's declaration.
10.He revenged himself
against his enemies.

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