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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Grammar Revision

Question 1
Rewrite as directed without changing the meaning:
1. People grew a lot of rubber in Malaysia. [Begin: A…]
2. He tried harder and harder but achieved less and less. [Begin: The….]
3. "Shall I ask her to wait," said Pamela. [Change into Reported Speech]
4. It was so late that I could not attend the class. [Use: too]
5. Prizes were being given by the Minister when the lights went out. [Change the voice]
An Approach to ICSE English

6. If you had not advised me, I would have fallen into the trap. [Begin: But….]
7. I am coming with you. [Provide a suitable question tag]
8. This is the biggest elephant I have ever seen. [Use: big]
9. As soon as Rama starts to run the race, the crowd cheers her. [Begin: No sooner …]
10. Both the answers are wrong. [Begin: Neither….]

11. Neither John nor his friends ……… to blame. [Use: is/are]
12. The United Nations have its headquarters in U.S.A. [Correct the sentence]
13. He is a principled man. [Use: principle]
14. But for my help, she would not have succeeded. Begin: Had…]
15. If he apologizes, he will be pardoned. [Use: Unless…]
16. The teacher asked, "Will you confess your mistake?" [Change into indirect speech]
17. Let the child not be disturbed. [Change into active voice]
18. Very few Prime Ministers are as scholarly as our Prime Minister. [Change into superlative]
19. He is so ill that he cannot not attend the meeting. [Use: too]
20. The task was not pleasant. It was not easy either. [Combine the two sentences]
21. The Principal is calling everyone from this class. [Begin: Everyone…]
22. How kind a person Anurag is! [Begin: What…]
23. It was wrong on the part of the management to dismiss him. [Use: ought]
24. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. [Begin: No other…]
25. There were only a few coins in the purse that Seema lost. [Begin: The purse…]
26. "I do not think I can finish the work by today", said the plumber. [Change the narration]
27. There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset. [Begin: Is….]
28. If you do not mend your ways, you will get into trouble. [Begin: Mend…]
29. He is not a reckless driver. [End: recklessly]
30. She exclaimed that Kolkata is a very congested city. [Change into direct speech]
31. Very few foods are as healthy as milk. [Change into superlative]
32. Andrew is the best cobbler in our town. [Change into positive]
33. Hyderabad is one of the cleanest cities in India. [Use: clean]
34. A deer does not run as fast as a cheetah. [Begin: A cheetah…]
35. No other poet is as popular as Shakespeare. [Use: most]
36. Mr. Ram came last of all for the meeting. [Change into positive]
37. Some monuments are perhaps more beautiful than the Taj. [Use: most]
38. 'Why don't you sing a song, Rita?' said Suresh. (Rita)
39. To Iqbal's surprise, the office was closed. (find)
40. The play I saw last week was better than this one. (good)