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An Approach to ICSE English provides a platform to contribute, discuss and comment on the various issues related to the study and practice of English for the students and teachers of ICSE syllabus. Even with its focussed nature, An Approach to ICSE English will be beneficial to everyone involved in the learning of the niceties of the English language.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Grammar Revision Questions

Question 1
Rewrite the sentences according to the directions given after each:        
1.      Students often find homework uninteresting. . (Begin with: It is …)
2.      Try again and you will solve the problem. (Begin with: Unless…)
3.       We shall hear Rafi’s voice no more. (Begin with: Alas! Rafi's voice…)
4.      ‘I did not inform you of the test,’ said Kiran to Ravi. (Use: apologized)
5.      Robert started to play cricket a year ago. (Begin with: Robert has …)
An Approach to ICSE English
Question 2
Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the word/words given in brackets:     
1.      If he doesn’t come,  we _______________ the picnic. (postpone)
2.      If I were as rich as John, I ______________ you with money. (help)
3.      She would never come to the wedding if __________ her. (not invite)
4.      If you __________ a taxi, you would get there in time. (take)
5.      Rich as he is, he does not squander. (Use: Although…)