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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Grammar and Composition Questions

Question 1 The trend of organizing weddings at ‘Marriage halls’ is fast catching on. This convenient to all, except the occupants of the residential areas where these have sprung up. Write a letter to the District Commissioner of your town complaining about the noise pollution and other inconveniences caused by this new trend. Suggest a suitable remedy.
Question 2 Change the voice 1. I was happy at the glad news.
2. Trust in God and do the right.
3. God helps those who help themselves.
 4. They will not agree to this proposal.
5. Who has injured you?
6. Do it now and here.
7. His friends laughed at him.
Question 3 Do as directed
1.Very few foods are as healthy as milk. [ Change into superlative]
2. Andrew is the best cobbler in our town. [ Change into positive]
3. Hyderabad is one of the cleanest cities in India. [ Use: clean]
4. A deer does not run as fast as a cheetah. [Begin: A cheetah…]
5. No other poet is as popular as Shakespeare. [ Use: most]
6. Mr. Ram came last of all for the meeting. [ Change into positive]
7. Some monuments are perhaps more beautiful than the Taj. [Use: most]