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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Tranformation of Sentences

Rewrite as directed 1. The Principal is calling everyone from this class. [Begin: Everyone…] 2. How kind a person Anurag is! [Begin: What…] 3. It was wrong on the part of the management to dismiss him. [Use: ought] 4. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. [Begin: No other…] 5. There were only a few coins in the purse that Seema lost. [Begin: The purse…] 6. “ I do not think I can finish the work by today”, said the plumber.[Change the narration] 7. There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset. [Begin: Is….] 8. If you do not mend your ways, you will get into trouble. [Begin: Mend…] 9. He is not a reckless driver. [ End: recklessly] 10. She exclaimed that Kolkata is a very congested city. [Change into direct speech]