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Monday, 10 November 2008

Grammar Questions I

English Grammar I Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing the meaning. 1. Raju got a bad cough because he started smoking cigarettes. [Begin: If…] 2. Ben regretted asking Sunil to lend him his shoes. [Begin: Ben wished…] 3. This furniture is so old that it is not worth keeping. [Use: too] 4. I am invited. [Provide a question tag] 5. “You should eat regularly, Mr.Kapoor,” the doctor said, “ if you want to be healthy.” [Begin: The doctor advised…] 6. He is poor, still he is happy. [ Begin: Despite…] 7. It was stupid of me to forget his name. [ Change into an exclamation.] 8. He will be elected Secretary by the group. {Change the voice.] 9. Australia is the largest island in the world. [Begin: No other….] 10. “How beautiful the sunset looks tonight,” Neelam exclaimed. [Change the narration] For Answers , English Grammar I 1. If Raju had not started smoking, he would not have got a bad cough. 2. Ben wished that he had not asked Sunil to lent him his shoes. 3. This furniture is too old to keep. 4. I am invited, aren’t I? 5. The doctor advised Mr.Kapoor to eat regularly if he wanted to be healthy. 6. Despite being poor, he is happy. / Despite his poverty, he is happy. {Note: Never write two answers in the Exams; you will lose marks} 7. How stupid of me to forget his name! 8. The group will elect him the Secretary. 9. No other island in the world is as large as Australia. 10. Neelam exclaimed that the sunset looked very wonderful that night.