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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Grammar Exercise

Question 1 Rewrite as directed. 1. As soon as the news of the fire broke out, everyone rushed to the spot. [Begin: No sooner…..] 2. Richard sat on a freshly painted chair. [Begin: the Chair…] 3. This is the cruelest act I have ever seen. [Begin: Never…] 4. Even as a young artist, my aunt did not neglect her studies. [Use: when] 5. I found a ten rupee note in the book. [Change the voice] 6. It was wrong on the part of political parties to blame the neighboring country. [Use: ought] 7. Being strong, Arul can lift the heavy suitcase.[ Use; so…. That] 8. “If you do not hurry, you will miss the bus.” My mother said. [Change into indirect speech] 9. The children failed to notice the teacher as she entered. [Change into a negative sentence] 10. Only Rachel came to the birthday party. [Begin: None…..] Question 2 Fill in the blanks using appropriate words. 1. The jury found him guilty …… the crime 2. Monica is not liable ……. for her friend’s debt. 3. The army carried ……. a combing operation in the building. 4. His request for a transfer was turned …….. 5. I assure you ……. my help.