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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Composition Essay Writing

Write a composition on any one of the following. (a) Riding on a bicycle on a country road with your friends, you hear the announcement that a person wearing a red shirt and blue trousers has stolen a bicycle and has disappeared with it. After some time you see a person wearing a red shirt and blue trousers riding desperately on a bicycle. Your friends suggest to follow him. Give an account of your reactions and any subsequent adventures.
(b) Give an account of either a religious festival or an important social occasion at which you were present. ,
(c) Write an account of an event which has happened during the last year, and which you feel has affected the destiny of your country.
(d) An evening walk, looked forward to with enthusiasm, turns out to be a disaster. Write a real or imaginary account of such an occurrence.
(e) Write about an incident which shows that pride can bring disaster.